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Making Paper, by Talya Klinger, age 10, ZigZagZine, July/August 2009 (pdf), page 3. How to make your own paper!

ZigZagZine Moves to Web Page Publishing, by Jessica Chase, age 12, ZigZagZine, July/August 2009 (pdf), page 1. The process of conversion!

The Goldfish Who Had a Brain, by Amy Fawkes, age 12, ZigZagZine, May/June 2009 (pdf), page 4. "I was prepared and ready to go to bed when I glanced at the goldfish tank. In the murky water where the dirt at the bottom was kicked up, I saw a goldfish. The most unique one, I’d say. I admired him. I know he was just a goldfish—small, tiny, and forgetful—but he really meant something to me."

  Carter and Kira
  President Jimmy Carter and Kira Wales

Meeting President Carter, by Kira Wales, age 8, ZigZagZine, May/June 2009 (pdf), page 1. Kira interviewed former President Jimmy Carter and he told her the one thing he would have done differently in his presidency if he could.

Becoming a Babysitter, by Jessica Chase, age 11, ZigZagZine, March/April 2009 (pdf), page 1. Many preteens choose babysitting as a first job. It’s a great way to earn money, gain job experience, and have fun. Maybe you’ve been thinking about trying it, but aren’t sure if you’re old enough? Or how to get started, and where to find clients? This article has some answers.

My New Dog for the Holidays, by Jessica Chase, 11, ZigZagZine, January/February 2009 (pdf), page 1. Adopting a mixed breed Chihuahua from the SPCA (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) was quite a process!

Here Come the Monarchs! by Jessica Chase, 11, ZigZagZine, November/December 2008 (pdf), page 1. Monarch butterflies, after flying as much as 3,000 miles, begin to arrive in Mexico and California.

Tabletop Role-Playing Games, by Jack Wooldridge, 13, ZigZagZine, September/October 2008 (pdf), page 3. Dungeons & Dragons and more!

A City Girl Goes to the Country, by Jessica Chase, 11, ZigZagZine, September/October 2008 (pdf), page 1. An escapade to North Carolina.

Visit to a Museum: Charles Darwin’s Home, Down House, by Jack Wooldridge, age 13, ZigZagZine, July/August 2008 (pdf), page 3. Read all about Charles Darwin and his home.

Having Fun with Online Games and Virtual Communities, by Jessica Chase, age 11, ZigZagZine, July/August 2008 (pdf), page 1. Gaia Online, Club Penguin, NeoPets, Dragon Fable, Puzzle Pirates, and more.

Genghis Khan, by Calvin Price, age 10, ZigZagZine, May/June 2008 (pdf), page 5. Learn all about the mighty warrior, Genghis Khan.

Whooo? Owls? by Olive Lopez, age 10, ZigZagZine, May/June 2008 (pdf), page 4 . Everything you always wanted to know about owls!

“Hurricane on the Bayou” Shows We Need to Preserve our Wetlands, by Jack Wooldridge, age 12, ZigZagZine, May/June 2008 (pdf), page 3. The new iMax film, Hurricane, on the Bayou, is a wake up call for America.

Discovering Tidepools on Rocky Shores, by Jessica Chase, age 10, ZigZagZine, May/June 2008 (pdf), page 1. Waves are crashing, pounding against the rocks, where plants and animals sway with the force of the tides, clinging to the rocks for dear life. This is the world of the tidepools.

Our Trip to the Museum of Chinese in America, by Jack Wooldridge, age 12, ZigZagZine, March/April 2008 (pdf), page 5. The best place to learn about Chinese in America.

My Dad and the Goldfish Pond: An Epic Tale of Adventure and Drama, by Hailey Joy Scandrette, age 13, ZigZagZine, March/April 2008 (pdf), page 4. Why you should always be careful around goldfish ponds!

Where Did the California Academy of Sciences Go? by Olive Lopez, age 10, ZigZagZine, March/April 2008 (pdf), page 3. Find out how the Cal Academy is planning their new building.

elephant seal pup  
Elephant seal pup, photo by Jessica Chase  

Cold, Wet, and Windy: A Great Day for Elephant Seals, by Jessica Chase, age 10, ZigZagZine, March/April 2008 (pdf), page 1. Get up close and personal with one of the largest seal species in the world- elephant seals!

Chinese New Year: The Year of the Rat, by Jessica Chase, age 10, ZigZagZine, January/February 2008 (pdf), page 1. Learn about the Chinese New Year as we usher in 2008.

“The Golden Compass” Comes to the Big Screen in December, by Jessica Chase, age 10, ZigZagZine, November/December 2007 (pdf), page 1. Movie made from the first book of the suspenseful trilogy by Philip Pullman looks to be an exciting holiday adventure.


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